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elementor pro pricing

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Choosing the right website builder is a pivotal decision for any web developer or business owner. Elementor Pro, a popular WordPress website builder, offers a range of elementor pro pricing plans tailored to different needs. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of Elementor Pro pricing, dissecting each plan and its features. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or managing multiple websites, understanding the pricing structure is crucial for making an informed decision. Let’s explore the Elementor Pro pricing plans in detail.

elementor pro pricing
elementor pro pricing

Section 1: Basic Plan – Building the Foundation

1.1 Elementor Pro Basic Plan Overview

The Basic Plan caters to the needs of individuals or small businesses with a single website. Priced at $9.99 per month (billed annually), it offers significant savings at 33% off the list price. We’ll explore the features included, such as website builder capabilities, storage, monthly visits, and essential tools.

1.2 Breaking Down the Features

  • Elementor Pro Website Builder: The core feature providing advanced design capabilities.
  • 10 GB Storage: Adequate space for content and media files.
  • 25K Monthly Visits: Suitable for growing websites with moderate traffic.
  • 30 GB/mo Bandwidth: Ensures smooth data transfer and accessibility.
  • Premium Support – 1 Member: Access to priority customer support.
  • Integrated Caching Tool: Optimizing website performance.
  • SSL & CDN from Cloudflare: Enhancing website security and speed.

Section 2: Business Plan – Scaling Up with Advanced Features

elementor pro pricing
elementor pro pricing

2.1 Elementor Pro Pricing Business Plan Overview

Designed for a single website, the Business Plan, priced at $19.99 per month (billed annually), introduces additional features to support a growing online presence. We’ll delve into the enhanced capabilities and tools that come with this plan.

2.2 Features Highlight

  • Elementor Pro Website Builder: Continuing the advanced design capabilities.
  • 20 GB Storage: Expanded storage for more content and media assets.
  • 50K Monthly Visits: Ideal for websites experiencing increased traffic.
  • 50 GB/mo Bandwidth: Enhanced data transfer capabilities.
  • Premium Support – 2 Members: Additional support for a team environment.
  • Integrated Caching Tool: Further optimizing website performance.
  • SSL & CDN from Cloudflare: Ensuring top-notch security and speed.
  • Staging Environment: Testing and previewing changes before going live.

Section 3: Grow Plan – Expanding to Multiple Websites

3.1 Elementor Pro Grow Plan Overview

As your online presence expands, the Grow Plan, priced at $22.99 per month (billed annually), is tailored for managing up to three websites. Explore the features that make this plan suitable for those looking to scale their web development efforts.

3.2 Key Features

  • Elementor Pro Website Builder: Continues to provide advanced design capabilities.
  • 25 GB Storage: Increased storage for multiple websites.
  • 75K Monthly Visits: Accommodates higher traffic across multiple sites.
  • 75 GB/mo Bandwidth: Ensures seamless data transfer for multiple websites.
  • Premium Support – 4 Members: Expanded support for a growing team.
  • Integrated Caching Tool: Consistent optimization for all websites.
  • SSL & CDN from Cloudflare: Maintaining security and speed across the board.
  • Staging Environment: Critical for testing changes on multiple sites.
  • Site Cloning: Streamlining the process of creating new websites.

Section 4: Scale Plan – Catering to Extensive Web Development Needs

4.1 Elementor Pro Scale Plan Overview

For those managing a substantial online presence, the Scale Plan, priced at $49.99 per month (billed annually), accommodates up to ten websites. This plan introduces additional features to meet the demands of extensive web development.

4.2 Notable Features

  • Elementor Pro Website Builder: Advanced design capabilities for extensive projects.
  • 40 GB Storage: Expanded storage for content-heavy websites.
  • 100K Monthly Visits: Suits high-traffic websites with a large audience.
  • 100 GB/mo Bandwidth: Robust data transfer capabilities for extensive content.
  • Premium Support – 6 Members: Comprehensive support for larger teams.
  • Integrated Caching Tool: Consistent optimization across multiple websites.
  • SSL & CDN from Cloudflare: Maintaining security and speed at scale.
  • Staging Environment: Crucial for testing changes on a larger scale.
  • Site Cloning: Efficiently replicate websites for a cohesive online presence.


elementor pro pricing
elementor pro pricing


In the realm of website builders, Elementor Pro stands out with its versatile pricing plans catering to a spectrum of users – from solo entrepreneurs to large-scale web developers. Understanding the nuances of each plan and its features is essential for selecting the one that aligns with your specific needs and aspirations. As you embark on your web development journey, the Elementor Pro pricing guide serves as a valuable resource to make an informed decision, ensuring your online ventures thrive.



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